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Want expert persons suggested?

I will be done edit this gig Because someone say me this gig not professional
I will change this gig
4.Related tag
Now see this gig & say me this gig is fulfilled right or not

It’s… oh boy, where do I start with…

First of all, don’t go with “Image Editing Specialist and highly Experience learning at academy” type of a title. You are either experienced, intermediate or a beginner. But not a highly experienced. It can put some people off and feel something fishy.

Secondly, background removal service has, last time I checked, 14k competitors. What makes you stand out in front of them?

Thirdly, “You are not happy so I will give you unlimited revision.” well… first, fix it grammatically. Secondly, never offer unlimited revisions. I won’t help you in any way. Also, how do you define “anytime” support? As 24/7? Are you staying online/awake for 24/7?

Stay realistic. :slight_smile:


Exact, everything is said.


Oaky I will change my gig again according to your suggested
you can see again Now

Revisions still are unlimited, title is fixed incorrectly, shall I continue?

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