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Want gig sales - read this!

Everyone is on this part of the forum for the same reason - they want to promote their gig and to get sales.

Many people here are beginners and are discovering that, no matter how hard they try, their gigs just aren’t selling.

Well, I have a solution for you all:

One of the biggest reasons why your gig may not be selling is because of your English. Particularly if English isn’t your first language, it’s very easy to make grammar mistakes or just write gig titles or descriptions that sound unnatural.

When a potential buyer is looking at your gig, they will feel doubtful if they see grammar mistakes or unnatural wording, and may well click on the next gig, destroying your sale opportunities. And you may be offering a much better service than the person they end up buying from, but you won’t get the gig simply because your English mistakes mean they don’t trust your service as it looks unprofessional! It’s ridiculous, but it’s true!

It’s time to change this - for just $5, I will correct any grammar mistakes and do rewording for ALL your gigs to make them sound more natural. I am a native Engish speaker from London, so I can guarantee perfect grammar. This could be why you’re not getting all those sales and your competitor is! It’s your choice - sit there and watch your gig slowly die, or watch the cash roll in!

Let me know if you’re interested in watching your gig skyrocket!

All the best


Tl;dr people think gigs look dubious and unprofessional if their titles or descriptions include grammar mistakes or unnatural wording. I am a native speaker who can solve that problem. Order my gig and watch your gigs skyrocket!

I don’t want any of you guys to miss out on this awesome opportunity!