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Want help from others (how to get orders quicker?)

Hi I have created three gigs in which one gig designing a logo came up with 160 traffic within 3 days but there are no orders. So, give me some help in how to get orders quicker?. I have tried tips for seller but nothing is coming. Please help me.

Ok Will catch you in future if any problem is there…Thank you!

After looking at your gigs, these are my suggestions to you:

Better gig descriptions. State what size article, that is, number of words, you will edit. Example: “I will edit articles on any topic, up to 1000 words” State how many words in the blog post, and what areas of expertise. Example: “I will write a blog post up to 500 words. I am especially knowledgeable in the areas of quantum physics and theoretical mathematics, but also enjoy and understand rugby and photography.” State how many modifications your gig includes. Example: "I will create a logo for your business based on your general description. Up to 2 modifications within 2 days of delivery included in price."

Don’t sound so desperate and needy. “You just give as one chance its only $5.” “Please order me. You will love our service. Just give me one chance.” “Need to do some work so joined” Instead, state why buyers should use your service. Example: "Diverse, interesting posts on a wide range of topics are the key to a popular blog. My articles are well-researched and timely, just what you need to attract readers.“

Replace your graphics with better quality images, especially the logo gig. No one will buy a logo when the only example is a pixelated, blurry image. Plus you need to show many more examples. Make up a collage of your work, if you have to. You should also state what types of graphic work you are good at doing, for example: “I am especially skilled with vector images”.

If your goal is to sell to English-speaking buyers, you must improve your writing and grammar in your gig descriptions because in many places it’s not very good. " I will do your writings even more better for $5.” This is very bad grammar, so why would someone trust you to know how to properly correct the grammar in their document?

You have a lot of competition in your gig categories, so you must have impeccably written descriptions and eye-catching graphics if you want to stand out from the crowd and get attention. And sales. Having traffic just means someone browsing the Fiverr site saw your page. If you want them to stop and actually consider buying from you, you have to have outstanding gigs.

thanks @celticmoon

will make the changes you stated within 2 days…thanks once again for your wonderful tips…I want to know that you are a buyer or a seller…Because connections in fiverr forum with the guys like you is awesome and getting such valuable tips sounds me that you are really my best friend I had ever seen. Thanks!

Reply to @celticmoon:

> I am especially knowledgeable in the areas of quantum physics and theoretical mathematics, but also enjoy and understand photography and rugby.

Hey! You stole my Profile!

Oh wait… not the rugby - Bleh!

But change the rugby to HOCKEY… and we have the same knowledge/interests.

Why Celtic? I never knew we were such a good pair…!

:wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @imranm: You’re welcome. I’m a seller, but my category is “gifts”, mostly under “arts & crafts”. So when I look at gigs in the other, bigger and more popular categories I can see what catches my eye in either a good way OR a bad way, because I’m not comparing your gigs to mine, for example. I happen to have the time to browse on the forums, and have now been here long enough to know a bit about how Fiverr works, although I’m no expert! I don’t like to see cheaters or arrogant people and do like to see people succeed, especially if I think they’re trying hard and working to do better. Again, I’m not an expert, but I’m glad to help out if I can.

Be sure to visit all the forums, because there are some excellent posts which are left up all the time to help newcomers or people having a tough time getting started.

Reply to @regency85: Hey, how’d you know I had you in mind when I wrote that? ~lol~ But I had to take a guess on the sports.

I’m telling ya, we could knock 'em dead in Vegas! :-))

Reply to @celticmoon: “Foist da Catskills… den it’s Vegasssss!” :wink:


With the above discussions I think that you and regency85 are friends from long time.

Reply to @imranm: Yeah, I know Celtic from way back in the old days… when she was a member of the mob!

:wink: :open_mouth:

Naw, I was just married to the mob~ They haven’t created a show for the next phase: Divorced from the Mob. It wouldn’t be a comedy!

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Reply to @celticmoon: Oops!

Never thought about that eventuality. Can you take The Mob to court, for child support? :wink:

I don’t really get many orders either. But I make sure that every order i DO get, is perfect.