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Want HELP, please tell me how to avoid SCAMMING buyers?

I am offering logo design of realistic metallic look in 3d.
I have clearly mentioned that for $5 I’ll convert your existing logo.
But if you want me to design your logo from scratch? the price will be custom for custom logo.

A buyer ordered me $5 and asked me to design his logo from scratched to accomplishment. I asked him did he read my gig description? he said no.So I told him about my offerings for $5 and for the custom price.

After few minutes, he rated me 1 with a BAD and FAKE review.
Is that justice? I am working right according to Fiverr’s rules and he is just violating them.

Now please tell me should I do?

Contact CS.

I don’t understand. Your buyer can’t rate you unless you deliver something or don’t deliver at all and the order automatically cancels.

In this case, why did you deliver work rather than ask for a cancellation?

Yes, agreed with @cyaxrex . How did he cancel it without you sending him anything? It is better to contact CS if it really happened. If you feel the buyer is so aggressive & don’t treat you in the polite way you do, the best option is requesting a mutual cancellation. :slight_smile:

Because the time was running and I just delivered him, that I am waiting for your reply…

Time was running, I need to contact him before it’s over.
He was not replying

you just have to cancel the order from your side you deliver thats why he can review your work it your fault too

Dear, just be cancelling the order. The review will not be removed until the customer will be agree to cancel the order.

Shoulda just cancelled. If he agreed to have the $5 logo, then contact CS as he’s just being a massive asshat and lying. You should have mentioned in your 1-star review of him that he ordered the basic gig while expecting premium work.

I think that you should simply edit your response to this review by saying:

“This buyer did not read my gig description & ordered a $100 service for $5 and refused to pay more, communicate, or cancel. I would strongly recommend that other sellers avoid this buyer.”

This way you tell your side of the story. Also, you do have 70+ amazing reviews to show new buyers that this buyer was genuinely in the wrong.

I have a similar buyer at present who asked me lots of questions before I quoted him a very reasonable $10 for a service. He ignored this and ordered my basic $5 gig and he too is now ignoring my messages.

Sadly there is not a way to avoid these kinds of people. However, from my own experience, you can usually rest assured that whatever their present business concept is, it is doomed to fail. That and that these people have little more than sherbert for brains and likely have a history of failing spectacularly in life in general.

Next time, cancel sooner rather than later and in the meantime just carry on providing high-quality service to your next buyers.

thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

Hmm, that’s the way I should work on. Thanks buddy :slight_smile: