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One of my friend “arlenebbuettner” was on Fiverr.

But she banned by fiverr and she got mail from Fiverr that she run more than1 active account with fiverr.

Actually she is working at one private company and in her company some people use Fiverr often… i think same internet protocol with different pc.

What she can do now…

Actually she was active member on fiverr from last 3 years…


Hi every body , i use fiverr and suddenly fiverr banned my and now i use another ip address to access fiverr >> i wish i can remove banned from my ip

People generally don’t get banned for multiple accounts unless one of a few things happens:

1.) Two accounts are using the same withdrawal method (i.e.) PayPal
2.) One account on IP XXX.YYY purchases a gig from another account on IP XXX.YYY and leave a 5 star review which then appears as manipulation.
3.) Two accounts on the same IP have very similar gigs.

These things don’t generally occur just because people work at the same company. Even then, people who have two accounts in the same household are best off to get Fiverr permission for multiple accounts. Those people should use separate payment methods, very different gigs and they should not buy from each other.

No matter what, no one on the forum can help with this, other than provide information.

Contact customer support, and please edit your post so your friends name is not included as it is against forum policy to post usernames.

I don’t think it would be enough to get banned due to more than one account on one IP address. According to discussions here recently, it would take more than that such as the same Paypal account.

Reply to @kjblynx: being banned is pretty negative I would say, but each to their own. I wouldn’t want someone posting my name saying I’d been banned for example. How would you feel if you got on here and I had posted that my friend @kjblynx had been banned? And as for posting my username so you could respond to me, yes I know that’s how one responds to people on forums but thanks for the lesson on how forums work…