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Want More Sales? .... No Sir!


So many sellers use “Sir” in their gig and profile descriptions as if female buyers did not exist.

“Order now sir” … “Here to help you sir” will alienate many females and they will not buy your gig.

So … drop the “Sir” and watch your sales “Soar”. :slightly_smiling_face:

For New Folks Tip
I got 2 orders from one buyer
Fiverr balance showing problem

agreed, I usually like to call buyers with their names, very rare SIR…


thanks bro for your information.


I got a few “hello, brother” which I’m assuming is a cultural thing for some. In no way am I a brother in any scenario.


The same goes for “bro”. Drop the sir & the bro, too - are you 100% sure @lloydsolutions is a ‘bro’? :slight_smile:

P.S. @lloydsolutions brilliant advice, btw! :grin:


I’m a logo! :slightly_smiling_face:


i got it butt what to say.



Instead of “You got it, sir!”

Just say “You got it!”

That’s it. That’s more natural and professional in this marketplace.


OMG, thanks or the comment dear.


That depends. I have a senior, highly placed Indian from the U.S. ordering my articles. I call him Sir. That is considered respectful in our culture.


I guess it will depend on the situation, and it is considered respectful in a lot of cultures, but I think we should just use it when we’re 100% sure on the gender especially in the freelance community – otherwise, people will take offense being called sir when they aren’t.


If you want to adress someone in such a way, at least put “sir or madame”. But even that takes away from the personal and direct element of Fiverr. I suppose using one’s username is the way to go :slight_smile:


Quite an interesting observation.


Well, I hate being called Sir or any other things like Bro, Dear, etc., period. :slight_smile:

So I partly agree with what you said, more specifically I would change the “should” to “could” in your above post.

That’s because ‘Should’ could force people to use Sir when the gender is known, which many don’t like being called that (and I don’t want a surge of Sir-calling people in my Inbox because of that ‘should’ :sweat_smile: ), whereas “Could” gives the option to use Sir or not use it, preferably the latter :stuck_out_tongue:


I must say, I have seen so many words like ‘sir’ or ‘dear’ in many gig descriptions AND here on the forum.


If it’s not an 80-year-old British lady offering me biscuits we can lay off “dear”, that’s for sure. Same with “honey”, “darling” and other greatest hits.


A bit more cultural understanding please! People who write “Sir” they do it because they try to be respectful. This is what they have been taught, this is how they grew up. They have no intention to be rude, they don’t even realize this might be offensive to someone. So don’t be hung up on it, just enjoy their service!


Thanks for your Tips.


brilliant advice .thank you


And when I read Dear I run away too. It’s so offensive in some cultures. Like I don’t know you personally so I am not your Dear… Keep distance, we are not friends. We can be collaborator’s at max. I know they are trying to be polite but it ruins everything…