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Want More Sales? .... No Sir!


Yes ,you are right.we need to omit this word


I totally agree with you!!


You didn’t write “Sir” in your profile or gig descriptions, though. You only use “Sir” when it’s actually appropriate.


Quite right! :slightly_smiling_face:

@lloydsolutions started this thread not to discuss how to refer to buyers in messages etc. but how not to word gig descriptions and profiles.


@catwriter Yeah, good catch…guess I just skim through the posts, never completely read them. Happens many times even with my clients. Have to be more attentive.

True story:

One nice client said recently you did a great job and I wanted to tip you but didn’t because I lost my job. Hope you don’t mind.

I said: Haha, no problem, thanks!

Then I read the job loss part.

Then I made a thousand apologies.

Always gets me into trouble.

[Maybe that’s why I am Writer99025 not Reader99025… food for thought]


Good information
Thank you :blush:


Yap, sellers should remove the word “SIR” / “MADAM” / “MAM” also from their gig’s.


I thought they left in '47. :smiley:


I agree with you. Best way is to use their user name. I think it is very effective


some buyers react when I called them by their username :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


People who want to be called by name usually introduce themselves first. That being said, I have a regular who goes by “Tom” and once I got: “Well, actually, this is his wife”. Oops.

This account-sharing thing is something I have strong feelings about but that’s a talk for another time.


Yes, agreed, there are multiple reasons not to use a username as a greeting. If someone doesn’t introduce themselves by name there is no need to address them by name. Just stick with ‘you’ when you need it. Anything else can make you look unprofessional even if your English is top notch.


Hahahaha, thanks on the clarification there @Woofy31. Yes, I would agree that it should have been could instead of should – I actually wasn’t paying attention to my use of could and should. Hahahaha, I promote no forcing whatsoever!


It’s a surefire way to not mek-sells. :roll_eyes:

It’s annoying as hell. Besides, if they want to mek :dollar: money, money is not gender specific, it’s a green smelly paper. :mask: Plastic, too! :stuck_out_tongue:

Next time, I’ll ask “Sir would you like some grey poupon with your order?”



I usually use “Hello” “Hi” “Dear”…no sir or madam



Don’t use Dear. People do not like to be called Dear unless it’s by their close family or friends. Not in business. Never ever.


More than correct haha


when someone say Sir,
doesn’t mean Awkward??


well, not every one like to be Sir.


The point of the topic is using “Sir” in descriptions. Basically, making females feel like the Seller(s) only cater to male clients.

Btw~ It’s very awkward for females to be called sir.