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Want More Sales? .... No Sir!


I never called my client’s sir or anything like that. I think that is not necessary for this. You can call by their name.


Spot on, advice taken


you nailed it! i saw some of this gig few days ago


I agreed with you man


Thanks. But remember …. leave out the word “man”. You don’t know whether or not I am a man. That is what the post is all about. :wink:


well said. I strongly agree with you. Everyone suggest that call the buyers as sir but I think it’s not necessary at all. You show good behave with them that’s enough.


If you absolutely need to call them anything, just reply to them using their username.


So much truth!! :sunglasses:


Maybe better use “hello human”


I always use “My Friend” best option to when it comes to this kind of gender issue


But you’re not really friends with a potential buyer, and it could come across as being a bit creepy TBH.

As @j6nyc6 said, just use the username - so much easier! :slightly_smiling_face:


lol talking to some one using username is far more creepier since some people have creepy usernames :rofl:


@mclabzsolutions if I were doing business with you I would say “Hello Mclabz, thanks for reaching out. How can I help you today?”

Or would you rather me say “Hello dear, what can I do for you?” or “What’s up buddy, how can I be of service?”



since I have a legit name its not a problem :stuck_out_tongue:


It still works even if your name was Nonbonmonlon…”Hello Nonbonmonlon.” Lol


If you find their usernames creepy, that’s fine - they obviously didn’t because they picked them. Or maybe they are creepy because they want them to be, which is also fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

I know if anybody addressed me as ‘my friend’ I’d run a mile. :wink:


Whenever random strangers called me “My Friend”, they were trying to sell me stuff I wasn’t interested in, and they tended to be very persistent about it, too.

If a random stranger calls me “friend”, that’s an immediate red flag and, usually, a sign that they’re trying to manipulate me into something. I immediately see them as possibly dishonest, and do my best to stay away from them.


Helpful post…
It will help the beginners a lot…


Thanks for your valuable comment. I am from Bangladesh. Our country culture different between western. Now i have experience from you that western people dont like dear. Thanks


This is so helpful. Thanks.