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Want More Sales? .... No Sir!


Just call them by their username. Or throw in a lawnmower if you like. Your choice.


yeah you are saying right


I did not use sir. I use Dear


If you use Buyer Requests check the above. Buyers don’t like to be called Dear either.


Calling buyers by their names is always better. I don’t use sir for any reason


Bad idea, unless you’re talking to someone from your own culture, and are certain that they like it when you call them “Dear”.


Thanks for your advice.


thanks for your valuable information


Thanks for the tip… that is why I often use a more polite and and equal word. Or just call them with their user name, as long as it’s easy to understand. Because you don’t want to call someone Anahofmeyer7778896! Just Ana.


Yes sir! That is a great idea sir!


Just call Hi or Hello for the initial greeting word. Then we will understand that he likes to be called by name or name.:nyengir:


Intellectual and helpful post for fiverr sellers.


Yes Sir,Good work.this is great idea and very useful


Who are you sir here can you confirm it? So Please don’t mention it sir, bro etc. pardon me but If you search here in only this page you will not get in sir, bro!

Cheer you!


*Thanks, bro for your information.


It’s not a fiverr seller language.


Great tips but you could suggest some alternative that can be used here, thanks


Yes I agree with you. In India and Asian Countries Pakistan and Bangladesh people call their client as Sir, Sir ji for man, Madam, Madam ji for women. In sales It is mandatory to call Sir, madam only to show respect and politeness.
It’s become habit in their communication.


I am agree with you Thank you so much


This is very important for new comer like me.