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Want More Sales? .... No Sir!


thanks bro for your information.


i always used Hi / Hello.


@lloydsolutions isn’t a bro! :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s a bad idea to call people you don’t know “bro”, “sis”, or any other term indicating that you’re close.


Haha, so many people need to learn communications!
“Hello, can you help me?” is my favorite. Sure, I could if you’d tell me what is it about.


Me too. I also received a “Thanks bro” several times?


Just switch from Sir to Sis, you may get more sales. :smiley: (Joke)


Or “What can you do for us?”


Thanks, for your information, sir…!


I would rather say boss… Boss is the right term to use as it can be use for masculine and feminine!!!


I would stay away from that, too :grimacing: In my country, when someone says “hey boss”, you almost instantly know that you’re dealing with a problematic person who you’ll have difficulties with, mainly because of arrogance and potential volcanic behavior - I guess it’s the equivalent of “hey dear” here :roll_eyes:

Plus, we’re freelancing because we don’t want to hear about bosses anymore :wink:


No - it’s as bad as sir, bro etc.etc.

Please just use the username or nothing at all. Using any form of ‘title’ in this day and age is likely to get you into unintended bother.


I got so many “hey brother” lately, that I mistakenly read that as “unintended brother” :sweat_smile:


I don’t see it that way… Boss is never bad, boss means a person who is in charge of other people at work and tell them what to do…

Using the word “boss” is not bad, it is just a sign of respect and commitment…


It may be so in some countries, but in other countries it’s not, which is why we should avoid titles that may be misunderstood in some cultures :wink:

And as I mentioned earlier, we all freelance to avoid hearing about bosses :stuck_out_tongue:


Boss is never bad… The buyers are the boss because they simply tell you what to do… Though we all know freelancing is more like self employed but that’s the fact,take it or leave it…


Your opinion, which is fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

I regard it as being unnecessarily obsequious and sycophantic.


My buyers are not my bosses, even if some try to act like that - I won’t accept working with someone online who treats me like they are my boss (especially not on a freelancing platform), unless they give me a salary check, official leave/vacation days, and other real life bonuses :smiley:

I only have regular buyers who are long-time partners, I have one-off clients, and some friends, too.

It is bad to hear that expression in my country and other countries, as well :grimacing:


Accepted in some countries it is bad… That’s just my view, I have been using boss and I have no regret… In my country we call people that give us work our boss!

The word “boss” according to English language shouldn’t be bad to use…


I’ve heard people in the Caribbean use that term to call only men, in a friendly way. It is a cultural thing and depends on what country you are in. In general worldwide it is not in use.