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Want More Sales? .... No Sir!


Like I said, the word “boss” won’t work out in some countries because of their cultural dissimilitude… Its it widely accepted in my country, to me its not bad as I have no regret so far…


Calling folks pal, big man, hen etc. are accepted terms of endearment where I come from, but I wouldn’t dream of addressing a buyer in such a way here.

We’re working with buyers from around the globe, not where we individually come from. :wink:


It’s charming when you are in another country to hear someone called “boss” but might lead to misunderstandings when used here. It’s similar to hearing someone called “dear” when in England, but seems inappropriate when used here. There are local customs when addressing others that don’t translate well across an international website.


For the fact that we are working with different buyers in the world, buyers and sellers should be able to understand they could encounter something like this due to cultural dissimilitude…I have seen numerous buyers using dear for me though I don’t like it but that’s is not my aim here… I am here to make sales and get them completed as soon as possible… Why do I need to get angry over unnecessary thing… So, no offence when something like this happen… You can as well tell them you don’t like that word but I won’t accept you could lose some sales because of that word…yes, there could be misunderstanding but this won’t call for too much conflict!!


Good awareness, thank you. Safe to call ‘Hi’ ‘Hello’ or by name if visible


Whatever your feelings about these names, the OP is right that it should be left out of gig descriptions. When I see sir in a gig description it translates to desperate and I also get the impression that the seller may not understand English very well.


I hate it even more when someone sends me a message with ‘Dear Sir/Maam’. I understand they’re trying to be polite, but not only does it come across as wooden, it also makes me think they don’t even look at my profile picture. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your information


Yeah, I don’t think a buyer would be happy if we assumed their gender.


FYI, the word ‘dear’ is actually pretty rude and offensive. I recommend not using it anymore.


People lost sales because they called the buyer “Sir”, “Madam”, “Dear”… So far, I haven’t heard of someone losing a sale because they called their buyer “Boss”, but I see no reason to risk it.

Some people will perceive it as mockery, and feel offended.

Of course, it’s up to you to choose how to address your buyers, and they will respond as they like.


I googled “calling someone boss” and the general consensus was that most people didn’t like it.

If you want to make sales I feel it is best not to use any word that might lose you a sale! :slightly_smiling_face:


It can sound sarcastic or ridiculing if used across the internet when in a few local areas it is actually a friendly greeting.


If you say I can lose sales because I called my buyer boss then u can as well lose sale for correcting your buyer… Some buyers might find it insultive depending on the way u express yourself…numerous buyers call me dear but I don’t feel concerned since I am able to understand the requirement why do I need to get concern over things that could lose me sales?? I believe fiverr is strictly business…why talk about personal issues that could as well erupt misunderstandings ?? Buyers as well make this kind of mistakes, my point is buyers and sellers should be able to understand they could encounter something like this due to cultural dissimilitude… Period!!!


I never said I corrected my buyers. I’ve never corrected them, even when I found it creepy when they called me “dear”, and even when I found them to be cheapskates who called me “bro” because they wanted a discount and a faster delivery. I just did the job (and refused to give them discounts).

All I said was that it’s possible to lose a sale because you addressed your buyer as “Boss”.

It is. And if your buyers feel uncomfortable/angry/annoyed because you use a term they don’t like, it’s possible to lose a sale.


It is amazing how — after the OP wrote an elaborate post saying — using words like Sir is not a good idea, people respond with:

No words :no_mouth:


Or call people “bro”. Some of those people being women.


I’m even a guy, and if a stranger, or worse, a stranger in a business environment calls me ‘bro’, I’m immediately out. Makes me feel nasty. >:(


Regarding calling someone “bro”: I think this can be cultural also. While in some places or countries it has a gangster type feel to it, which is not used in polite society, in other places it might be seen as a friendly greeting. So best to not use it on the internet.


I saw Blood Diamond years ago, Leonardo’s character was calling everyone “bruh.” Is that how they speak in South Africa? I’m not sure.

American males say bro, but usually to their friends, although there’s an infamous guy who went viral after yelling “don’t taze me, bro.”

I just use the seller’s name.

"Hi misscrystal,

Here’s your delivery."

If someone has a name like alexjack, I might write “Hi Alex.”

No sir, bro, san, or any honorifics for me.