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Want More Sales? .... No Sir!


I think bro is morphing into bruh.


Could be, everything changes, look at how “sick” has become a positive word.

“That’s a sick house” doesn’t mean “that’s a house under quarantine” anymore.

“Sick” is the new “awesome” or “cool.”

Even the accents change, have you noticed how Millennials sound different from the rest of us?


You always put good advice. Thank you!


Yes, sir! That is a great idea, sir!


@proabdurrahman OMG thanks for your very important message bro.


For sure, but it does deter potential buyers, so it’s very important that sellers know the cultural expectations.


I say dear to customers lol


Thanks for your kind information.


That is a great idea…


Thanks for your advice.


Thanks for sharing <3


Right your are. its better to call his name


I’ve seen many sellers doing this. Even I get requests for designing logos addressing Sir, lol. However, by nature, some sellers used to say Sir or Madam to show their respect towards the person they talk with. But as a seller in Fiverr I haven’t used Sir or Ma’am so far.


yup I agree often the first "sir " according to my mind same male and female


Thank you for your information. but it is natural and professional in this marketplace.


hehe right :sweat_smile::laughing:


I have just joined the platform, thanks for the free tip.


Absolutely good tip. Thanks


thaks for mentioning the issue.


That’s very strange, I had no idea people used that when making sales…