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Want more sell my gig

I am member on fiverr last one year. I have publish 7 gigs before 4 month. but i have no sell after one. anyone give me proper suggest, how can i improve my sell

What kind of marketing and promotion are you doing?

social media promotion, bookmarking and traffic

That may be your problem. It sounds like you are just plastering your gig links around the internet and hoping people will click and buy what you have to offer. Unfortunately, what you are doing is not marketing. Marketing means that you advertise something where your customers are located, and you encourage them to purchase the services that need from you. Take out ads. Target your links. Go where your prospective customers are located. Don’t just spam your links and hope that is enough.

You’re not getting any sales because you aren’t talking to the people who need your services.

Thanks a lot

Hi! Where can I find the people who will need my services?

@lostphoenix - Well, figure out who those people are – who your target buyers are, and then do some research. For example, if you’re a business selling hamburgers, go where the hungry people are. If you’re a business selling swimwear, go where people like to go swimming. You need to take responsibility for your own gigs/business. You’re the only one who knows the target demographic that you want to sell to.

Don’t spam. I also checked your gigs for the heck of it.
You should use your own design as a sample image for your logo gig.

oh, never mind. The spam got removed :stuck_out_tongue:

mdebrahim94 I have the same problem Thank you for this post.

yap, i upload this from google. can i remove now.