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Want my 1st order


Hello I m new on fiverr n I m so confused bcuz I have not got any order yet plz guide me what can I do…


Hello and welcome!
Yes, it’s tough to be the new kid in town; it’s happened to all of us once :slight_smile:
Do you have any friends that you could ask to be your first clients? If so then you could tell them that it’s important to get the ball rolling and to have a few positive feedback ratings .
Good luck !


Hi kenii786,
you should check out the buyer’s request section. You find it by hovering your profile in the right upper corner, then ‘Selling’ then ‘Buyers Requests’. There you find a lot of opportunities, to get your first work done.


Maybe the reason is because there are already many logo workers on Fiverr, maybe create a gig that no one else has so far, or just few sellers. Good luck!


Been here for less than 9 days and you’re confused for not getting order ? do you think they just hand money to everybody who creates a gig here ?

What you can do is be patient, what you can do is show your original work instead of taking images from google…


Patience and tweaking. Check out the Fiverr Academy. Also, please note why your post has been moved: