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Want Orders from buyers



i want orders to earn some money please help me with that i have good skills…


Don’t we all @asepaisy, don’t we all?

Try this:

and I’ll move your post so you can get more help - good luck!


Want big mac…must wait…takes time


ok but what to do in academy


i will wait but also want some result


Try reading it - it really will help you on your way as a seller.

You need to be patient - it make take a while to get a few sales going. Maybe change your gig images so they’re not the same for different tasks?

Good luck!


ok this will be helpful i will try and trying my best


Your profile needs a melt down and re-pour. Lots of errors. Also, art gigs are going to require more samples - well, ANY samples (you have none) - or buyers would be shooting in the dark ordering from you. Your experience does not seem to relate to your art gigs. Also, I never understood the point of listing skills you’re not expert that. (Who is hiring an intermediate anything with so many experts on Fiverr?) Plus too, you seem angry in your picture, like the paparazzi got you.

So, I think you have a lot of opportunity to make changes before you can hope to see orders pouring in. Best of luck finding your place here. :slight_smile:


thanks i like it @selfors and thanks again