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Hi.i am new and i join this site becuase ita a good community.But i dont know why i cant get orders.people see my gigs ,But why no get any orders…plz help me.why this problem appear…i want orders…help me…


I just had a look at your gigs, and I believe it’s because you don’t write english

very well. People are not going to want you to give them reviews when your english isn’t up to scratch.


English is not my toungue, Then what i do…


You just need to hire someone to write for you .


I can help you out. For $5 I can translate your stuff.


Reply to @nimra786

Great to have you here.

Your gig bio says “…like to create something new ,also i can draw a good”. However most of your gigs are for non creating or drawing services. What’s up with that?

To compete effectively on Fiverr, your use of English needs improvement on your gig descriptions.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Reply to @nimra786: if English is not your tongue spend some $ taking some lessons I am sure you can find many teachers on this site!