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I have seen that every buyer needs a highly rated seller with many reviews. But, what about the sellers who are not given any opportunity to do any work, just because the buyer purchases gig of already highly rated sellers. I’m not pointing the sellers with many reviews neither I’m scolding any buyer.

But things should be changed, Every seller should be given chance to showcase their skills, and if they will not be given an opportunity to do so then how will they get reviews on their gigs and they will not be promoted to Level 1 sellers.

Sorry, if anybody feels that way…

Who else agrees?

Please share your thoughts also…

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Everyone started out with 0 reviews. No one was given an opportunity. They earned them.


Yes! you are right, but many are there who are not given any chance

Like me!!!..


yea well said :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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So, what exactly is it that you desire?

Do you have a plan to change that or are you just venting at the lack of orders for newbies?

Every seller is given a chance to showcase what they are capable of doing, that’s the entire purpose of gig pages.

Unfortunately, many, many, many sellers create unattractive poorly designed, poorly described, spelling and grammar error filled gigs that promise the sun and the moon but in reality are incapable of even merely communicating clearly to a potential buyer.

The cold, hard truth is that many sellers with zero reviews and no orders for a prolonged period of time will remain that way until they give up operating on Fiverr.

They’ll blame Fiverr for crushing their freelancing dreams, but in reality, it is almost always because they are offering the wrong service in the wrong manner with the wrong presentation, with wrong service meaning creating gigs in hyper-competitive over-saturated fields with too little demand for too many available sellers.

No one is entitled to success, it must be earned. Is it fair for new sellers to regularly have such a hard time starting off? No, it’s not, but fairness has nothing to do with success. The tribulations one must face and the challenges one must overcome are what make a person stronger.


Not true. There are plenty of buyers who seek new sellers. Some want to give them a chance, some expect them to charge lower prices…

However, if a buyer sees someone offering, for example, translation, or transcription, or data entry, and their profile is full of spelling mistakes, that buyer will look for someone who seems more likely to provide them with a good service.


It is not about others. It’s about you. You have to prove to the buyer that you are worth being hired and you are capable of doing the job. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. What do you think a buyer is looking for when they want to hire someone to translate their paperwork for example? Someone who has spelling and grammar errors on their gig presentation or someone who has not?

The blaming attitude is wrong.


Please give me some advice to make my gigs attractive.

Everyone starts with 0 reviews, so it’s not unfair as we’ve all been in this position. My tip would be to start with the lowest price you can and focus on providing the best service as well as work. Also make sure your gig descriptions are well written. If you do this it shouldn’t take long to get your first reviews in, then it’s all uphill from then onwards! :rocket: