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Want some more work


want some work in fiver.Though i try my best and send the buyer reqst everyday but don’t find the work…:weary:


I want some more work too.


All right. since you are sending buyer request, that’s very good. But when you send buyer request, buyer should feel that you can actually do this job and fulfill all the needs of buyer.

Also optimize your gigs by writing proper title, proper description, tags etc. Don’t worry, you will definitely get work on Fiverr.



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Your problem is that you are expecting orders, but you refuse to do what will earn you more orders. You seem to be ignoring the benefits of marketing and promoting your gigs – to the people who need your services. You seem to want to take the easy route to success, but there is no easy road to success.

The more you expect things to appear before you, the more you will fail.

But the harder you work – doing things that appeal directly to your target customers – the more likely it will be that you will find success.

As long as you expect success, it will not come to you. But the more you work hard – very hard – at things that can actually achieve tangible results, the closer you will come to the unexpected success you would like to achieve.


same thing happening here :weary::weary: i have send 88 request to the buyers but i didn’t get any order.
what should i do?