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Want some targeted emails for your campaign?

Hello everyone i’m offering a service of delivering 100% fresh emails all targeted with 90%+ delivery rate and 2% max bounce rate.
I can get you emails from any niche you choose.

check it out :

Up and selling. wish to everyone good luck <3

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Hello. It’s campaigns. You are doing emails and no one wants to have to proofread what they buy. Also, it’s illegal to sell email lists…

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Can you explain more please ? can you provide proof ? thank you @graphtersawyer

You can Google it. Links aren’t supposed to be posted, though.

@graphtersawyer i believe i missunderstood you. it’s a section where we can promote our gigs.(MyFiverr Gigs) didn’t you know that it was possible ?

The link isn’t affiliated with Fiverr or a gig. If you look it up, you’ll see.

What are you talking about ? please before you say something verify it. thank you have a great day.

If you look up “is it illegal to sell email lists,” you’ll find it is indeed illegal to sell email lists. It’s also against Fiverr’s TOS to sell content that isn’t user generated. Unless all those emails are yours, you’re selling people’s emails and signing them up for spam, which is quite unethical.

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First you talk about the link isn’t affiliated with fiverr or a gig which obviously it is a link to a fiverr gig.
After that you talk about google and fiverr TOS without any knowledge at all as you can check here :
you will see that there is 782 gig if fiverr doesn’t allow this kind of gigs i doubt there will be so many online and active gigs.
So in conclusion i believe you are here to trash the thread or to gain attention.
have a great day @graphtersawyer

I’m saying that I couldn’t link the article since it’s not affiliated with Fiverr. It’s unethical to sell email lists when people are being signed up for things they didn’t sign themselves up for. I’m not trashing the thread, though you really should learn how to spell campaign if you want to get sales.