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Want this deleting

//// delete this thanks.

You sell traffic. Why don’t you use your own gig to sell your service?
One of your gig says 5000 real visitors within 48 hours. Well, go for it and promote your Fiverr gig to pull in outside traffic.

PS. Nobody starts with 20k sales. They worked their a** off to get there.

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You could apply the same complaint to any business. There is large scale, high end competition in every market, but everyone has to start somewhere, including said corporations. You see new large businesses pop up, seemingly out of nowhere - evidence that growth in monopolized markets is very much possible. It requires a complex combination of things to get such a business right, but it does happen, which is why fresh competition for existing large businesses still pops up.

The same applies in this case. Firstly, you cannot expect to start with 20k. Just like with large businesses, they had to start somewhere, and so do you. That somewhere is the very beginning, and it’s a slow, laborious process getting your gig right. One thing I can guarantee though, is that when you get it right, which you will with hard work and dedication, it will pick up pace. You need to get the ball rolling; build a reputation for yourself with both quality work and service, and you will notice your gig featured more prominently on Fiverr’s website.

Rather than complain about competition, COMPETE