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Want tips for my gig

Hello everyone, I am a new seller on here. I joined 4 months ago but discovered forum recently.
I am here as a Data Analyst and Video Editor. I haven’t received any orders yet.

Please give me some tips to get my first order.

Thank you.


The Forum is a wealth of information. Stay around, read a lot, and you will learn much.

Be sure to read the Forum Rules to stay out of trouble here.

Most new sellers who get in trouble on the Fiverr mains site have not read the TOS of service.

Finally this video may have some information to help you.

Don’t be upset. I was get my first order after 24 days. Be confident and hopeful.

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some tips for you khushboomughal

Active 24 hours, gig marketing and send buyer request regularly

never give up!
best wishes for your first success soon

ANY type of data entry is too vague. Be more specific.

“Professional document” is too vague. Be more specific.

“Help you to make” feels ambiguous as most people want things doing for them.

Your video editing gig is a joke yeah? It inspired me to YouTube search “Davinci Resolve Tutorial” and within 6 seconds of the first video to come up I feel I could already do a better job, by watching a 35 minute video teaching me how to use free software, than what you would do for me if I paid you.

Document conversion is something you can get for free online.

I didn’t even click onto any of the gigs, your profile alone told me everything I needed to know.

You need to give people reasons to buy from you. You’re not doing that.


Best wishes for You :+1: :+1: :+1: