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Want to activate my account

Hello mates,
some days ago I deactivated this account
is there any way to get back in?


Try to contact Fiverr support. Hope they will help you.

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No, you will need to make a new one. Contacting CS will get you the same answer.

I can’t submit ticket, cuz my account has been deactivated lol!

ahamm, Are you sure about it?/

Yes, I am sure!

In addition you cannot have a Forum account if you do not have a profile on Fiverr, so soon your account here will be deactivated too. :wink:

Did you not read this before you deactivated your account?

Try to contact support, fiverr support can help you

Nope, nope, nope! Did you read my answer? Deactivated accounts cannot be reinstated, not even by CS. They are deleted from the site.

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