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Want to amend current order with milestones

Hi all.

I have an order underway with a Gig. Since he commenced we have both realised it will be a few months before he’s paid as it is for a series of 10 articles. I am wanting to amend the order if that is possible so he can get paid after say article 3 then 6 and then 10 or even every 2 articles.

I’d appreciate if anyone can advise how to do that or another solution. I did try messaging support but it has been over a week and a half and I have had no response.

Thank you


If I am getting right, you have already ongoing project with whole amount of 10 article and now you want to send payment of 3 article to seller !!
Modification of order this way is not possible. Its better to cancel that order and create 3-4 small orders with 25% of amount each and keep releasing them as the work done !


and don’t use milestones because the system is not functional


May be ! I have read that in many thread but I usually use milestone and they works well :wink:
I already have 2 order with 2 milestone each !

Ohh, sorry for that, was this system removed, because I remember back then when my friends were working here in 2018-19, there was one

no it is still here but it doesn’t work and never did.


No, the milestone thing is still there but it’s better to not use them (depends on cases by case).

Automatic marking order as complete takes 8 days rather than 3 days in normal order.
You can only create maximum of 3 milestones, so that’s not good.


… added to which, from the seller point of view, there’s no protection from doing all that work and the buyer cancelling all of it at the last one!

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How can a buyer cancel all of the milestone order? 2nd milestone only starts when buyer accepts it, otherwise the order will stop.
Are you talking about cancelling through CS?

Yes - or even by mutual agreement. Any cancellation, even if it’s the last milestone, results in the whole order being cancelled.

The buyer can stop after each milestone and the seller still gets paid. But if the buyer cancells at any point, the seller gets nothing.

Milestones on the current setup are a horrible idea.

Damn! That’s just straight up not fair. Well for me, I never faced any issues with milestones yet, and I don’t use it that much. Rarely used less than 5 times i think. Good thing now I know about this too now.

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It happen to me about 2 years ago dont remember much !
@coerdelion may be right, but as far as I know , I was paid for my 2 milestone that buyers accepted and last one was cancelled only…
So I dont think cancelling last milestone would cancel whole order !

I personally never face any issue with Milestone either…Its working as it should…

( only thing is I can not see Milestone order on mobile app )

Did the buyer not want to continue with the last milestone? That doesn’t cancel the order, just stops it there.

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He had his wire frame not ready and was not sure when will be so he asked me to cancel last milestone and said will order later…
however I just visited that order now, It was cancelled through fiverr CS…
I have another similar order where I cancelled last one but was still done by CS !

here !

Yeah - he just wanted to stop the milestones there, not cancel the whole order.

Buyers have a choice when they accept a milestone: continue or not. Your buyer chose not to continue.

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Forget milestones as others have said. Seller doesn’t get paid til it’s all complete. Just make separate orders each time you need to. It’s better for everyone


I didnt know that …
but in this case we started 3rd milestone as well !
He paid for $60 for that and when we cancelled it was returned to him, I check that in my Nov’18 earning where $48 was in red and returned to buyer that makes me little confuse !

I think you got off very lightly …

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