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Want to be a va seller new to freelancing confused

I would like to start selling as a virtual assistant. I have a degree in computer info systems and would like to use some of my skills. I know I have to start low on wages and work my way up but I just don’t see how I can compete with people offering 4 hours of work for 5 dollars. I’m about to give up but I will keep reading tomorrow and see if I can figure out how this is done. any books you all can recommend would be greatly appreciated! thanks everyone

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If there are people here willing to be “virtual assistants”, whatever that means, for 1$ an hour, that means you can’t be a “virtual assistant”. You have to do something else, something better paid. That’s just the way it is.


It’s simple, don’t compete with those.

I hire different virtual assistants for different things as they have different skill sets. One I hire for $5/3 hours does a lot of very basic things that take time but not much skill. Another one I pay $25/hour because they do a lot more specialised stuff that the other just cannot do and also because their communication is excellent - I know I can give them the task without any issues.
You need to justify your pricing, if you are worth more then show and explain why.

PS. Anyone who decides to send me messages asking for work will be reported for spam.


And man, if you have a degree in computer info systems, why are you selling yourself as a “virtual assistant”? Surely there is some work in your field that pays way better than 5$ an hour! Just offer computer info system gigs…


tanks guys, I have been doing a bit more research and you are right. Just editing alone, since I currently write reports and executive summaries when I am out on contract. some of these editing gigs seem pretty easy if you are a voracious reader. I think I will start with that and move into making animations when I get the hang of fiverr. tanks again. that’s my island accent showing :wink:

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