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Want to block buyer

I want to block buyer he give me a order for messaging app and then he added more specifications every day when and he did not want to cancelled the order so i want to block him but before blocking him i want to know if i will block him can he able to cancelled the order and giving me the review? because i dont want he will can give me review.


I think you should contact Fiverr before blocking him. Tell them your side of the issue and they will help you sort the problem. As you have an open order you cant just block him. He will still be able to give you a review i think.


You can’t block someone you have an active order with. Either cancel or finish the order and then block them.


i already report that person profile with order id to fiver and request to cancel the order

yeah i realize after your reply
thanks for your reply

That’s good. It will sort out the issue but i believe it might affect your rating.

but that’s what i did not want he give me review i just want to cancel the order

I know. Even if you cancel an order I believe it gets your rating down. Let us know how it goes though.

A buyer can’t force an order to complete unless you deliver. Don’t deliver anything and keep insisting on the cancelation, eventually it will be canceled.

A cancelled order doesn’t allow the buyer to leave a review.

Complete the order then block or if you have not any good reason don't do it

Won’t this result in a late delivery penalty though?

A canceled order doesn’t count as late. An open late order won’t count as late. The only thing that impacts on time delivery is an order that is completed after being delivered late.

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I think you should contact Fiber before blocking. Talk to them about your problem and they will help you solve the problem. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

this order is in revision i already delivered the order but he still adding other specification

If the order is in revision, the buyer can’t close it. So just keep insisting on the cancelation. If they never accept, you can keep it in that state forever, pretty much.


i think you wait for him and realize what he want to do

if I block someone, will she know I have blocked her?

They won’t be able to find you or message you so they will know you blocked them.

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As the order in revision it will not affect your gig now. So it will best to contact CS.and wait for their ans

Communication is the important thing that you can do with your buyer ,make him understand that each and every additional services may cost