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Want To Boost Your Sales!? Make Sure You Read This!

These are some tips on how to get more sales.

The first thing you should do, is to promote your gig at the social media.
If you Don’t have friends on the social media so nobody will see your post, the solution is to promote in community, which is a group of people who share gigs with each other and anyone can join. [self-promotion removed by admin]

The second thing you should do is use buyer requests, it’s a powerful way to get more traffic and sales to your gig.

The third thing is:you mast have a video, and It should be an attractive video. [link removed by admin due to pending status]

Hope this will help you, If you want to add anything please leave a comment.

Thank you for share.

Thank you for helpful post.

Thanks for your insight, social media is a gem for promotion.

It’s really helpfull

Thank’s, I’m happy to help.

The link to get an attractive video is not available, if you are interested in an attractive video
please contact me.

very helpful. thanks


nice share, thanks.

The post is indeed great.
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Happy to help you.

good info

good info.

thanks @ana2001

You should have just called this post “join my Google+ group please”. I trust that you don’t also own the pinned affiliate link? Oh wait, you do. It’s funny how Google+ user learned magic only promotes your gigs. Sorry, “your friend’s” gigs.

No stars. You’re boosting yourself, not anyone else. Enjoy your cadre of dimwits.

Thanks for nice tips.


Haha, could you join my Google+ group please?

Thnx for the tips