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Want to buy but confused?


Because users on Fiverr now very much. At encourage shoppers to bookmark service quality. And buy gigs separately. that is, the seller is an ordinary human. They also may feel tired. If you want fast service. You can fill in your account balance and $ 50 service breaks down to 10 gigs of purchase. So you buy from 10 different sellers. It will be very effective than you wait too long. What do you think?


Sellers who have a very long order. M any of the negative reviews and disappointing leaving buyers. I think all the buyers know about it. I just helped a buyer. If you do not agree with me. no problem :-))


Had a buyer buy 7 gigs as it was a big project He had to put in information every time and thankfully he did. I would not like to put any other buyer through that again. Not even to up my gig count.