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Want to cancel Order Number FO1C1D1AE3C5

This untrusted seller breaches the rule of fiverr twice by requesting the payment to be outside the fiverr platform “13.png” and After that, the seller insists to talk outside the fiverr platform “14.png” and not fulfill the majority of the service. And after that the system automatically closes as the order completed.

In addition to the above:

  1. All what we agreed about didn’t happen “01.png/07.png”

  2. Agreed about uploading 1000 products for both Amazon and click banks “05.png” however nothing happens.

  3. All the products on site are about 30 “web site link highlighted to confirm” “11.png”

  4. And back again to say something not logic “16.png”

  5. The seller confirmed to provide the Avada theme “02.png/08.png”

  6. Then asking for purchasing a plugin while executing the project that should provide from his side or should inform from the beginning during discussion period that it is not under the seller as this plugin price is $70 “03/04.png”. (Seller has no idea what is the requirement)
    WooZone - Amazon Associates Bundle Pack by AA-Team | CodeCanyon

  7. The seller confirm that API can be generated and working “15.png” then back again to request to purchase 3 items from amazon in “06.png”. Which means that the seller has no information about amazon’s requirements.

  8. The seller cancel the project as a proof to his unfulfillness the requirement many times and also decline the cancellation from his side. “12.png”

  9. The seller breach the rule and requesting the payment to be outside the fiverr platform “13.png”

  10. After that the seller insist to talk outside the fiverr platform “14.png”

  11. Horrible looking website

  12. Unqualified seller.

  13. Seller has no idea about the requirement of the project.

All doc available here

I want to know how to cancel the order and invoice immediately


If the seller keeps rejecting your cancellation request on the order page, you can contact Customer Support and ask them to cancel the order for you.


This is a community forum. We can’t assist you much here. From the order page, visit the resolution centre or contact customer support to cancel the order.


I already did and they respond for cancellation

Thanks for your advice