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Want to change gig price


I want to change my basic price and delivery time. If I change price and delivery time, any effect on my running gig?
I hear that if I change anything on my gig, my gig will be down.
Please help me.
Advance Thanks


Changes to a gig can result in the gig being taken off the search results for up to 48 hours while it’s being reviewed.

It has been observed that, at times, really tiny changes can avoid that, but most changes will temporarily hide the gig.


No it won’t. I edit my gig so does others
but Check first before saving if it has anything that’s against TOS.
Of course if you add something that’s againt the TOS then your gig will be down for sure.


It has not been my experience that making changes takes me out of the hunt. Experiment!


Yeah.Also I Agree with @Woofy31