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Want to change my username but can't

I can’t change my account username. If I want to change, only one option that is to close your account. I already earned $4. For that Fiverr telling me, first withdraw your money then deactivate or close your account.
Actually, i am working on the Design category & my user name is dataentryarmy. It’s really not relevant with my gigs. Have there any option to change the username without closing the account.
Please show me the way.
Kindly Regards,
Robiul Karim


You can’t change Fiverr user name.


Username isn’t as important as the rest of your profile. You’ve already gotten one order, right? They didn’t care what your username was.


However I want to change my username? Have there any other option?

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No, there isn’t. (20 characters)


is 20 characters relevant to changing username? Have there anyone of fiverr team. Can anyone please let me know, how can i communicate with fiverr account team.

I agree with @imagination7413 said.

I see so many newbies here with “seo” or “wp_expert” in their user names but what really scores you the big points is the work you do.

You can call yourself anything with “seo” or “wp” in your user name, but if you suck at the service your user name hints at, it won’t matter what you call yourself because to Buyers your name is mud.


That means I can continue with this account. Here username will not impact to get an order.

That would be exactly right.


Thanks @looseink . I will continue with this account. Thanks for your solution.


As both Seller and Buyer, it never bothered me. I have Business Buyers with names like x_1234567890

The only thing is I cannot address by name, but it’s not the end of the world.


fiverr rule is you can’t change your username

Its not possible brother. You can create new account for & pickup the name you want :blush:

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Yes, understand. Even I tried to delete this account but can’t, reason was $4 in my account. However I will continue with this account & Let’s see again what happened then? Thanks @azmain7

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You can’t delete this. You can deactivated this account (Customer Support). User name is not a big deal I think. So I think you can continue with this bro.


No there is no any option there

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not possible. you create a new account. and create a new username

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It’s not possible. But, you can try to contact fiverr customer support.

Hei bro , username doesn’t matter .Do your work perfectly,sales become high

if you provide the better services for your claint ,your user name is less importent to your buyers. I’m not saying that user name is not importrent, but we saw that there is no way to change username, so I think you should continue with your current user name, hopefully no problem will happen. Thank you.

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