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Want to change my Username from ProFasionalDzgn to ProfessionalDZGNR


Hey there!
I want to change my Fiverr username to ProfessionalDZGNR is it possible or not? And How?
Please guide me…


Id like to know too!!! cos id like to be shiftypop not shiftypop1 ahaha


Sorry folks - the only way to change your username is to close your current account and start a new one with help from CS.


If only you guys could imagine how many sellers are now regretting their username choice :stuck_out_tongue:

I do know that completely changing your username would make repeat buyers lose track of you, but when those changes are small like some extra letters or some digits less, that would be a good feature to have (of course, done through CS with proper “papers” and such)


The 1 is a forum glitch. You can mention it to customer support and they will look into it ; )


ahhhhh you got what i meant ;D as my fiverr username is actually shiftypop, so this glitch i must sort out ! :smiley:


haha Idk why but i felt your pain :stuck_out_tongue: