Want to Create Facebook Accounts with profile picture and cover photo?


If you want to create 10 facebook accounts with profile picture and cover photo.you will be interested in my gig.

check here- http://fiverr.com/dulan260/create-10-facebook-accounts-with-profile-picture-and-cover-photo



Good Luck with your gig and welcome!


thank you very much!!


You should make sure about posting this gig.

Facebook security is tight. Generally, fake accounts are closed within weeks and now if they suspect a larger compilation of fake account they ban IP addresses and try to block any user from Facebook with that IP address. So even if you have a real account, and access the fake ones from home you won’t be able to use your real account any more.

If you’ve found a way around this then you will probably get a lot of orders. But if not then you will get a lot of angry feedback.

And the thing is that you don’t see it coming. Everything will be fine with your fake account and then one day you’ll be banned with no warning. It’s happened to me a few times and they finally banned my IP address so I had to change internet providers.

So, if you’ve found a way around this great but be careful. And the same for buyers.


I’m really sorry to say that fiverr doesn’t approve my gig