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Want to delete my gig and create new

I have a gig that had 14 imprison and also in a different category. So if now I delete my gig, will it make any problem on my profile or not? Please help.

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I delete Gigs that don’t get much action and create new ones all the time.

I haven’t seen any negative impact on my account at all.


thank you for sharing your experience

Yep, that doesn’t pose any issue. Based on your level, you can have a certain number of gigs. So… you can easily experiment with the services you offer. I for one don’t experiment that much, but I should learn from @looseink and go through my list of gig ideas.

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You can’t face any problem

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Simply you can remove it if it didn’t get that big impressions and add another gig with no problems!

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I have published, paused and deleted a few different gigs over the years.

Two of my gigs have really taken off and attracted hundreds of orders, although I stopped selling one of them a few years back due to workload.

I think it’s important to experiment and publish new gigs.

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