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Want to delete my gig

I want to delete my 2 gig as i want to recreate new 2 gig.
If i going to this. Is any problem to happened my account or my gig?


If you are a new seller on fiverr and create gigs but not get any impressions or views then you can delete your gigs and create new one. But if you have 100+ reviews on your gig then not try to delete your gig, just share this on social media.
Hope you will get orders soon.
Thank you🥰


When i search my gig then i dont find any gig first 5/6 page

There also fiverr bug thats why i Didn’t see that is my gig have any view.i get confused

of course, you can do that but remember Fiverr system facing issue with gig impression and clicks. even if you create a new one you cannot measure them

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Now what can i do.? Please help me

If your gig doesn’t have any review then you can do it. But its not a good idea to do it on a regular way.

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Man I would suggest you to try on new gigs fully!
Cause these gig will push when when you will get order in your new gig:)

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I want delete beacuse i think my gig didnt make rank.when i search then i didnt found my gig first 6/7 page.i think maybe my seo Isn’t good.that s why i delete and create new with perfect seo and keyword Research.

It is natural. Remember that your competition among thousands of sellers.
You have opened your GIG just few days ago. You have not complete any order yet.
Complete some orders then your gig will towards beginning of search result.

It is not a solution. But you can delete any time because you have no review yet. Your new gig will not become first page of search result instantly. You will find approximate same result.
Be patient and marketing your gig to your targeted customers.
You will get order soon.

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Ok. Thanks you so much.