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Want to edit feedback

I’m pretty new to Fiverr. I recently requested a gig from an individual that does really beautiful work. She didn’t deliver on time, and when I logged into Fiverr they prompted me to cancel the order, so I did. This morning she told me her mother’s been very ill and she hasn’t had a chance to notify all of her jobs. She also delivered the work (for free) as an apology. When I went in to try and submit the order again so she’d be paid, I noticed that Fiverr had left negative feedback on my behalf. Is there any way to change this?

Contact customer support and let them know the situation. They can sometimes remove various feedback in some genuine cases like that.


as you said you are new to fiverr you can do this simple step . Just message your seller that

" ok i understood and can feel your feelings. Its ok i want to remove the feed back that auto left by order cancellation. As i am new to fiverr i was not about to do cancel it really"

you seller then contact to Cs and can tell them that they can check messaging my buyer is agree to remove feedback. So please remove.

They will remove it for him.