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Want to Edit Gig but Order In Quee

I need to edit my Gig’s pricing and description. But order is running on that gig and new order also coming. What can I do now? Is there any problem, if I edit my gig.
Please give me valid information. Thanks!


You can edit your gig while orders are active, but you should honor the gig description as it was when the orders were made. Only buyers that purchase after your edits should be bound by those edits.


I need to change some of my description, not everything and need to increase my selling price.
I heard that If I edit gig when order is running, gig my deleted and account as well.


What you heard about might have been someone who edited their price and then tried to force a buyer to pay extra when they had already paid. That would be a problem. I doubt editing is a problem as long as you aren’t trying to exploit anyone. If you are too worried, just wait until that gig has no orders and then edit.


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