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Want to edit Gig

Whether the impression and click will have any effect when editing the gig. Help me with information


I and many others had the issue of losing the gig position after editing the gig. But some did not, maybe it depends on the niche. My suggestion is not do it, but if it is really required you can go ahead. :slightly_smiling_face:


Please only edit gig when you have some order in Queue. Then when you will delivery, it will recover you from effect of low rating and impression. But when you don’t have order, and you edit your gig, then your gig rating will surely fall from present rating.


From my experience, changing gig’s metadata initially affects your impressions.

Is that true?!

Amazing if it works, I Will try it.

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if you update your gig in a right way, will amplify your gig performance.
as well as will take a time too to be published or to perform better because updated gig will be reviewed by fiverr team.

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Yes, I learn it from seniors and Top rated seller in fiverr. The orders will recover you from low impression at the time of delivery. And we all know one thing clearly that, the gigs which got orders, that gigs stay at beginning pages of fiverr. I think you can try that. Also I am taking preparation to that.
Thanks @bumblepixco


Thanx, will try this for sure. :v:t3:

Ping : @rhasandesigner

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Thanks for your valuable feedback…
I will definitely try this method

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Thanks for this suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for this answer :heart:

I think when the gig impression,click and order come.Then you never should be edit your gig.Some of time your gig just vanish on the search page.If you edit your gig. Okay

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This information is very useful for me…thanks a lot :heart:

Never edit your gig title. Because when you post a gig it makes a link of your gig and your first title will be in the link but when you want to change your gig title or keys words and you change it, then only one thing will be the change that is your title and keywords but the link will be the same it will not change and this makes confuse to team and your gig will not rank it will be so down. no clicks, no impressions, not order. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your helpful feedback🙂