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Want to edit my gig which is in first search page

I badly need to edit my gig. This gig is on first search page. But I am not getting orders from it. So I need to change its images.

#If I edit this image will I lost my ranking?
Please help me & Thanks in advance.


Well you must change it if you don’t get orders don’t you? Its better to be on the last page, but getting orders :slight_smile:

Well, if you don’t have any orders to begin with, it’s not like your ranking is something to hold onto. You’re not losing anything if you experiment with a gig that doesn’t sell.

Hello @joyroy569

I m checking your profile and GIGs… And I m feel free to give few words about it.

First, feature image on GIG which you have already sell need to be changed. That text is not visible and not to professional at all.
If you don’t have to much skills in Photoshop, always is better to use GIG from 5$ from some other seller and he/she could make fro yous something eye-catching.

Also, i don’t see that you have done any Skills test on your profile. Probably clients will have more trust in you, when they see you passed Skill tests.

All other, I think that is quite good.

Wish you luck :slight_smile:

Dear @positiveboby
I feel worry because of my gig images. It’s ranked on first page but not getting orders for this bad images.

That’s why I want to change my images. But I want to know that if I edit / change my gig images, will it lost it’s ranking?

Thank you so much dear.

i understand your worry… But what will you loose when you change image, if you don’t receive offers now?

And for which word/s you appear on first page?

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