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Want to get more knowledge about fiverr

Hello, i am not new here on fiverr. I’ve made an account on fiverr in 2017 late and left fiverr at the starting months of 2018 due to lack of knowledge about fiverr and some other issues.I had done around 11 orders then.Now I am back on fiverr and really want to bring it on. About a month ago i started using fiverr again , i am right now in editing phase of my gigs.
I am a professional Digital marketing manager/ Graphic designer and content creator with 5 years of experience.I have got 1 order now which i did well.
Help me out with my gig , let me know if you think it need any kind of changes or modifications.


Money-back guarantees are never a good idea.
(Please see (DES) point 1 for reasoning.)

There are a bunch of useful links in the (RRD) section too.

For your ‘cartoon vector’ gig, it would be better to offer side-by-side examples.

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What is side by side examples?

The gig description says “You don’t need o rush to…” - maybe it needs to be “to”?

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thankyou for the correction

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