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Want to get more order


Hello All

Hope all are you great today. I am a level 2 seller. But I get huge order once upon but now I never got order as like previous time.

let me know, how can I got more order?



Getting more orders will require hard work and promotion on your part. What are you doing to promote your gigs?


Dear, only one way to promote a GIG or post, SHARE the proper place.


Please don’t call me “dear”. That is a word reserved for family and close loved ones. It is considered bad form in Western cultures to address people you do not know by this term.


You might want to tell that to this guy :smile:

Plus I think you aren’t the one he called “Dear” :slight_smile:


Mr. Gold is a character in a television show. And, for the record, he DOES know the characters he calls “Deary”. He knows them quite well.

Calling someone “dear” in a business or forum setting, where you don’t know the person you are talking with, is not culturally appropriate. The term, “dear”, when addressing a person, is a familial term. My wife calls me, “dear”. Random Fiverr users do not have that honor.


Woah. I was just kidding :slight_smile:


calling a stranger dear is like french kissing a stranger…you don’t do it.

You ask the person out, get to know them then and only then after a while you french kiss them. Same for calling someone dear.


I am not British in any way shape or form.


I have never said Dear.

Someone asked you not to use Dear. in North America, Dear is something personal.


Writing “Dear Sir/Madam” is a formal, and entirely proper way to address formal business correspondence – in writing. In this case, “Dear” is an action word (akin to “to whom it may concern”).

Saying, “thank you, dear” to a random stranger can actually be insulting, because, in this case, “dear” is being used as a familiar word of affection that defines a personal relationship (that doesn’t exist).

Unless your wife, husband, or spouse is on the Fiverr forums, and you are talking to him/her, no one should be referring to anyone here as “dear”.


Yes. He appears to have been referring to me. His comment triggered a “someone has responded to your comment” response flag on my forum account.

Unless there’s some bug in the forum (which I doubt) @ajommahmud was responding to me.

If you need evidence, if you look at his forum account page, his only “MOST REPLIED TO” listing is me. One reply… replied to me.

Please don’t assume. I am aware of how this forum works. :wink:



You asked how to get more orders, Right?

You have to promote yourself then. Try to use more buyer requests. I hope this month has low sales for everyone. Also, you can message your previous buyers to ask if they have any works. Also you can reduce your prices little bit and keep a message for buyers.


Well, regardless of whom he may or may not have been directly responding to, my comments about the use of the word “dear”, in referring to someone you do not know, remain.

I should note, though, it was actually you who chose to make this entire “dear” issue a discussion. My original “do not call me dear” comment was nothing more than a cautionary note, and not originally intended to be the spark for a protracted discussion about the meaning of “dear” in random conversations. :wink:



Lets not be too stoic here.

Not intended to an individual its to the whole Fiverr



Thanks you! Now I understand.


Just social media shearing…!


It’s also helpful comment. Thank you so much


Imagine being called “beautiful” by some 80 year old guy who is giving you sexy eyes. I much prefer “Dear” after being catcalled by guys so often :joy:

Then again, as soon as people call me “Dear” I often call them “Babycakes” or “Honeysuckle” to throw them off.


Yikes! After reading this thread… This dialogue is a PRIME example of why calling strangers “Dear” is a big no-no. :grin:

P.S @jonbaas You literally had me