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Want to gig an app but don't trust unknown sellers

Hi guys, I have an idea for an iPhone app but I don’t trust anyone by giving my ideas away. I want to use Fiverr for the much cheaper deals but most of the people I checked out live outside the United States. How do I pursue my desire to have an app developed on Fiverr while still protecting my ideas?



Without a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which most Fiverr sellers don’t accept, your best bet for preserving your ideas, is to do some research among the sellers that offer the services here on Fiverr that you are looking for, make a list of your favorite or most promising sellers, and then do some research, exploration and communication with those chosen sellers. You’ll learn a lot about them, and may find one of them from that list that you come to trust, and choose to hire to work for you.

Finding trustworthy sellers that you are comfortable with takes time and research. But it can be the most rewarding way to find top sellers here on Fiverr.


As far i know and per fiverr’s Policies, you won’t be appreciated alot rather you might put yourself in danger while making deals outta fiverr. But here’s the tip to search a better person for your job.

Search on fiverr and apply filters. Try choosing ProS and Top rated sellers. Try conversing before placing the order and being an outsourcer, its my daily practice.

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Sellers are not allowed to communicate about orders outside of Fiverr. This has nothing to do with “not being appreciated alot”, it is 100% against the rules.

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That is fiverr default terms you have to follow this
And there are a lot of seller having best seller badge and are getting $1000 order everyday, So you are open to select any

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So are you saying that I can trust someone to build me an iPhone app through Fiverr so that the builder cannot steal my idea?

It’s very simple: you don’t.
If your guts say no, listen to your guts.

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The only way to ensure that your idea remains confidential is to build the app yourself, and tell nobody about it until its released. Since that’s not feasible, you’ll need to find someone you can trust. As @jonbaas said, you’ll need to take some time to find someone who you can trust. Find somebody with good reviews that you feel comfortable with. Due diligence, and all that.


@mariokluser is right. Do your research. Hire a seller you feel you can trust. I’ve had a few buyers ask – even require – me to sign an NDA before working with them. I don’t sign NDAs here on Fiverr, partly because that often requires communication outside of Fiverr (such as with a signed document), or the exchange of personal information. Both are against the rules of Fiverr.

A few of those buyers chose to not to work with me, because they, personally, NEEDED my signature. But, most of those NDA buyers actually chose to work with me despite the lack of an NDA. I have proven my trust to those I work with, and they were ultimately satisfied with my promises and guarantees (which I am still keeping to this day).

There are other sellers like me here on Fiverr, but you’re going to have to research to find them. Ask around, communicate with potential sellers, gauge their trustworthiness. This will require work on your end, and ultimately, it’s your faith on the line. Us good sellers are out there. You just have to be willing to find us.


Yiu can sign an NDA and then ask dev to start on modules.

Dont share full scope, instead go to small pieces