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Want To Go Back To TRS. Looking for valuable advice/suggestion


Having 35,000+ logos completed with 100% rating, we were always struggling hard to make all our buyers happy, but unfortunately, we got a notification saying that our TRS status has been on hold temporarily. Since we did not do anything against the TOS, nor cheated any buyers, we assumed it might be a temporary issue for verification, but we never got the status back then

Since we are not aware of the reason [we did not get any explanation from support staff either] we do not know what else should we do

We would request TIPS/Advice or Suggestion from fellow sellers [Especially Super Seller or TRS] on what should we do now to go back to TRS

Thank you


PS: We Won’t Give Up:-)


What an amazing record you have. In your World Domination map you even have North Korea, which I didn’t know even had internet service. I’m impressed–what an incredible number of reviews and orders.
I’m sorry not to have an answer about what you can do to get TRS status again.
Hopefully it won’t affect your sales too much.

It’s an incredibly tiny amount of negative reviews considering you have so many positive ones.


Fiverr had a reason for revoking your TRS status. They don’t take away status levels just because they can. They are the only ones that can truly answer your question about the reason, and how you can get that level back.

Contact them, and be willing to be patient for their response.


Did you get an order from Kim Jong Un or one of his other elites? Seeing how restricted and sparse Internet service is…

Anyway, I’m not really sure what to offer in terms of an answer as I’m only a Level 2 and I want to make it to a TRS. I’m assuming you have already contacted them so hopefully you will get an explanation.


Yea, I have already done whatever things I can

Now, focusing on over-delivering…


I think that’s all you can do, to be honest. You have a 100% rating, which with your amount of sales indicates that you may have cancelled anything less than 5 stars. Perhaps you cancelled too often to maintain that rating?


I wondered too if it was the leader of that country or one of the elites since others don’t have internet there. I will look for his logo…


What is considered too much? Considering how much business this seller does I wouldn’t think it would matter.


I’ve found North Korean websites from their government, their design is laughable, it’s truly like looking into a time machine. Communists aren’t famous for creativity, except with their propaganda posters, they’re really good at those.


Have you had a lot of forced cancellations? The ones where the buyer cancels because you’re extremely late? Have you ever cursed at a buyer? Other than that, I can’t imagine why the downgrade. Your ratings are truly excellent. I wonder if it was a technical glitch?


I looked at his ratings and did not see any ones that said cancelled due to lateness. It was a surprisingly low amount of them so I wonder if there is a lot of cancellations done by customer service? What is the OP’s cancellation rate?


No forced cancellation and late deliveries are less than 0.001% if any

To be honest, we were acting more like slaves [the way you mentioned in your other post] and offered MUCH more than what the gig is about [means, even if someone did not order gig extra and asked us for the same, we gave it for FREE] and still, it happened

More than 75% of the negative ratings that we have there [15,000 positive and 20 negative so far] ARE TRULY UNFAIR… means, some buyers left rating after months or years …or some guys left rating out of misunderstandings [such as we completed their order without permission etc… lols]

Yea, I have KILLER plans for the new year…and will be striking back [might be my last attempt]

Thanks for your time


Yea, not even a single cancellation due to late delivery


That is most people think, but that is NOT the case

Our gig description says that we offer ONLY JPG file for $5, and buyers will have to spend $5 more to get source files…but still we gave source file FREE + Logo Intro video FREE in several orders…

How can someone still leave a bad rating?


Has it had an effect on your gig visibility?



We were among top 4 for a long while and now, at 28th [based on rating]


Where do you see the ratings?


Which rating you mean?

Under the logo category


I once had a buyer give me 1-star, and write. “Wonderful work! I love it!” Clearly he clicked the wrong star. So I messaged him, and he fxed it.

Your record is awesome. Only 20 negatives and 15,000 positives? That’s amazing.


You said you are now at 28th based on rating. I thought you had someplace where you could see how sellers rate. I am not understanding how you got the 28th number.