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Want to grow your brand/ learn online /build an interactive community?

Hello Everyone!

My name is BusinessBoi and I provide services (gigs) on fiverr. Here is the information on my gigs :-

  1. Helping with growing your brand and building you an interactive community.

•There is a website called discord where you can interact and meet with other users. It’s like other messaging service but much more better!

•It’s better because here you can build servers. Its basically like a website where 100k+ users can join and also it can serve as a brand to your website.

•Many games also have their official discord servers. Example :- Fortnite, PUBG etc. You can private message me on fiverr regarding discord and I would love to help for free.

•If you are interested in building a discord server then I can do it . I can also help to grow your already created discord servers. Gigs :-

  1. Need online lessons to build your concepts?

•I can provide you online lessons and make your concepts strong!

•I can teach maths, physics, chemistry, biology(basics), english(basics), hindi , information technology,

•Gig :-

Note :- I won’t be providing help with any kind of academic work

Even though you say you do not offer any kind of academic work, it will only be a matter of time before your “tutoring” Gig gets 86’d.


Wait why? And what does 86’d actually mean? I am not breaking any ToS?

86’d means nixed, tossed, gone, escorted out of the building.


I edited the gig and this post. Removed the “tutorials” from everywhere. Now is it fine?

You will find out soon enough if Fiverr decides any part of that Gig goes against TOS. Offering the type of Gig you do is like playing Russian roulette here - you can go for literally months or years and then one day - BAM - you wake up to that Gig gone because it violated Fiverr’s TOS because they read it as you are helping with homework, writing papers etc.


I have mentioned in gig requirements that I won’t help with any academic work such as writing papers , doing homework etc. Then would it be fine? I will only provide lessons to make concepts strong.