Want to increase your gig production ?- Audio, Dj drops, Voice Overs, etc


Hello there Fiverr Family,

I just wanted to stop by and give an idea that I think will help those out that do audio gigs.

Does this sounds famliar "Everything is perfect but…

Have you ever had the buyer who orders an audio gig say these words “Everything is perfect but” when you send them the finished product? Then you make that change and you get the same response again “Everything is perfect but,” I just need one more change.

So now they have the gig you sent the first time, the second time and they want a third gig so you do that one also. Now they get three gigs for the price of one.

I have an idea: What if instead of sending them the high quality gig as a delivered order you attach and send a low quality .mp3 as an attachment to a message located in the message box.

Then you can get their feedback and make changes as necessary on the low quality product. Once they approve the work, then you can send them the high quality audio (voice over, dj drops, radio ad, etc.) as the delivered order.

This kind of works like a sign off on your work before you deliver the high quality radio ad, voice over, dj drop or podcast intro.

I hope this helps someone out and saves you some gigs. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

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I always waver on the idea of sending things in draft to check for understanding or agreement.

In off-Fiverr work where I’m earning a larger hourly rate then yes, absolutely, especially when you have options for sharing and actual live conversations.

Sometimes on Fiverr it’s necessary, but it always seems to lead to change of requirements during the gig, making the gig bigger or leading to an argument about payment, or it leads to misunderstandings that this isn’t a final product so there’s a conversation that has to be had about getting them to focus on what is there rather than isn’t there.

Perhaps it’s easier with some gigs, like voice work, in which case, I’m all for it.


I’ve just found some people don’t know audio very well, which is fine, but they just can’t look past the fidelity of a recording.
Then again, what does ‘low quality’ look like to you? Are you leaving in breaths? Not applying any compression or mastering effects? I almost think an audio watermark would be more effective than sending a low quality audio file.


Hi @leahemme putting a watermark is also a brilliant idea…


I agree! That way the audio quality shows off what you’re doing, but the watermark makes it unusable for most buyers until you remove it.

Plus if you’re an audio producer, creating the watermark is trivial, and you can reuse it as needed in a few seconds.

(When I think of it, in my DAW I could have a watermark track muted in my standard template, and with the click of a button have it available on any audio.)

Going to update my template now!

PS: So funny: I’ve had others pay me to create audio watermarks for their products, but didn’t think of putting one in myself. Thanks @leahemme for the excellent suggestion!

Part of it is I haven’t had the revision issue since buyers have to pay for revisions/changes, so they can’t ask for “just one more thing…” for free.