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Want To increseing my Viewer


My Gig impression is increasing slowly but viewer number is too much poor.What I can I do!strong text


Don’t increase your viewers. Work to increase your sales. :wink:


To add a bit to what @jonbaas is saying. Business in general, is a game of margins not volume.

Are your prices so low that you have to make 100 sales to make 500 usd in revenue? The profit margin is probably not very high at that rate.

But then again you haven’t set up your profile to link to your actual Fiverr account so I couldn’t check myself.

I would suggest starting there. We can’t help too much if we cannot find a way to your account.


Hello everyone , I am new on fiverr …
Please give me some tips … How I can enhance my work and get orders … :slightly_smiling_face:


hey, I have already linked my fiverr account with facebook and Stack Overflow.If i Dnt do it, please suggest me how i can i do that.