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Want to join a studio

Hello there,

If you’re looking for a logo designer with following credentials, please connect with me.

  • Level 2 Seller
  • 100+ positive reviews
  • Fluent in English
  • Professional communication
  • Quick turn-around

Thank you.


Just want to verify: You are eligible for Studios, correct? If so, then this is where you should post:


If you are eligible to be a studio lead you will see this on your profile: :arrow_heading_down:

If you are eligible to join a studio you will see this on your profile: :arrow_heading_down:


If we are eligible and Join a studio, does it mean that we are working under that studio name and can’t do job or work on our own username?
Or it is still possible that we are member of one studio and still can do our job like usually, I mean our gig still on the search result like usually.

Sorry if the questions is silly, I want to learn about this studio more.

And thank you in advance for the explanation.

I have never been invited to a studio, but I think you can continue doing your orders as normal. But the work you do for the studio gets delivered by the studio lead.

It means we will have a chance to have double income source?
One from our regular work and one from the job that comes to the studio?

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Check this out: Fiverr Help and Education Center (What is a Fiverr Studio).

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Thank you for providing me with this information.
I check it but can’t find any article said about what happened to our gig if we work as member of a studio.

Will it be work like usually or maybe it gone or affect any rating?
But I appreciate your help.

Awaiting for other seller that maybe already join as member of any studio.
Thanks for the help.