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Want to know about bank transfer

i did not receive my payoneer master card so can i withdraw with payoneer account customer id


Yes you should try bank transfer. It takes me 2 weeks (almost) but for some (Pakistani) people, it takes a couple of hours.


You can use your Payoneer account to transfer your funds from Fiverr to Payoneer. But, you must an active Payoneer card to withdraw your earnings. If you can’t wait for your payoneer card, you can use Bank Transfer option. However, it takes more time when you use Bank Transfer for the first time. Hope it helps.


i created payoneer account but it does not activated yet and i dont have master card.
i have 68$ in my fiverr so is this posibble to withdraw it with payoneer

my payoneer account is not activated yet even i dont have payoneer master card

Simply go to “Earnings” page on your Fiverr account and then click “Fiverr Revenue Card”. Follow the process to request for a Payoneer card. You will receive it at home for FREE within 10 days. After that you can withdraw your funds with that mastercard.

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but i click on bank transfer and they said that further information will receive on your email and the amount on fiverr become zero

Have you ordered your Payoneer card? (I find this withdrawal option better than Bank transfer). You can use both ways, depending on what you chose.

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no i cant order payoneer card yet

but i created my payoneer account

You can’t? Or you haven’t?
Creating payoneer account is not difficult at all. I guess you should go for bank transfer right now and request for payoneer card afterwards.

i have 68$ in my fiverr so i transfer it to payoneer and activate my payoneer account
is this okay ?

It sounds as if you need to be asking Payoneer about how to use their account.

I think Payoneer has a forum where you could ask. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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okay thank you so much

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Hi @cm6566
Yes, I have linkedin. But I guess it’s not allowed to share such links on forum.