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Want to know about buyers request

Some people are saying that you should can make 10 buyer request at a time but I don’t know how
Can anyone can help me


There is a way. Read ToS / Community Standards / Help articles available on and take free Fiverr course.

I know it hurts.:slight_smile:

I’m surprised nobody replied with a response on how to do it. Go on your normal Fiverr selling page, and look at the top next to the Fiverr logo. You will see Dashboard, Messages, Orders, etc. You see where it says “more”? Click on that. The first dropdown says, “Buyer Requests.” Click on that.

You will be taken to a page on Fiverr where buyers have put their requests.

Now, if it says, “no requests found”, don’t panic.

Check buyer requests a few times a day and at some point there will be some there.

If it doesn’t show any buyer requests, it means nobody has put a request yet.
Or the buyer took down their request because they found a seller.

Check it a few times a day and at some point you will get some requests.

Hope this helps! :wink:

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Probably because people should read that before signing up on the site?
You know, get to know the place you hope to work and do business.

This is valid only for new sellers.

No, there is always BR, I have over 2000 plus I delete 1000

You are new to the forum so you have the strength… but let’s talk after 1-2-3-4 years you share the same answer to the same question posted by new people.

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For me I get them at different times of the day, and never have gotten more than 10 at a time. 2,299!

That’s amazing! I never get so many requests!

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I am level 2 and trust me the moment you get level 1 and you can see them all you will stop looking at them.

I recently made BR as buyer (I am top buyer too (VID level)) and what happened is just crazy. I just posted video about it.

New sellers have no options but BR and maybe social media, but once you go over, BR is just ridicules.

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Yes, I do agree with that. Thank you.

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Not at a time. You have the 10 times buyer request in a day.
Don’t follow any illegal trick which goes against FIVERR TOS.

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I don’t bother with BRs.

It’s a place where Buyers seek work from those who will work for peanuts.

Don’t get me wrong, for new members it is a good way to get some job experience under your belt.

But the reality is, BRs are the bottom of the barrel (at least in my categories).