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Want to know about "Most Relevant" feedback

Hi all!
I want to know one thing that the Fiverr “Most Relevant” rating.
Is it update automatically?

Somedays ago I have an bad feedback from one of my clients. After that I have got almost 15 good rating from others client but the bad feedback still on the top of “Most Relevant” feedback area.

How it will update and my other rating will come on Top? Can anyone tell me about this things?

Thanks in Advance


It may be depend of the rating value.
your good feedback have 4/5 words and helpful value is 0. and your bad feedback have 10/20 words and also helpful value 1.
most of bad reviews are not short they give the feedback from start to end about your service. so they will stay on top. when you got a good feedback from start to end of your service it will probably comes to top.


Thanks a lot… Helpful comment.
How I realize the value 0/1?

It might have to do with the thumbs up/down option for “Is this review helpful?” that I sometimes see displayed on reviews.
I imagine some people will click thumbs up for more detailed reviews that tell them more than “Good experience”, or “Thank you”, and probably some people would also consider negative reviews as useful, especially if more detailed, as they are less common than good ones.

There’s most probably a time-factor too, though, so while that’s no consolation at the moment, I’m pretty sure it will be replaced by some newer review eventually.