Want to know about ratings and reviews


Hello there,

I am here to know some of my query from the expert guys or who knows the answer properly. My querie’s are:
Suppose, I have completed an order. And the buyers gives me a good review and a 5-star ratings and the grace day hasn’t been completed. That means completed an order and it has not crossed 14 days. So, now I wanna know, will the buyer be able to change his reviews or ratings whenever he wants? Or can change it only within 14 days?
Same question for cancelling an order. Does a buyer can cancel a completed order after 14 days?

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The buyer can not change his review once he has reviewed your gig.


Thanks @thecreativeguys. And what about the ratings? Is it includes the review? And, please let me know about the order cancellation.

Thanks again


You can request a new review from your buyer however a buyer can’t change their review once it was completed. (And it is limited to 1 per order I believe.)


But if a buyer can’t change his/her review that is done already, so why I will request him for a new review? I am a little bit of confused about those above two lines. Please, will you clear it out?


The buyer can not change their review once submitted. If he leaves a 5 star review and 3 days later wants to change it to a 1 star review, he won’t be able to.

If you, the seller, delivers an order and the buyer leaves a 1 star review, you can ask him to change the review using the resolve now button (within reason.)

I hope this makes sense to you.


Thanks a lot guys. I have understand.